Friday, 4 October 2013

NRL Grand Final with Jess Ivers

Jess has worked with 2013 Grand Finalist Manly and also worked with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs who were in last year's Grand Final before moving to Tennis Australia.

As NRL Grand Final day approaches, there’s plenty of great memories I have that come flooding back about this time of year.

As a sports fan it’s the best week ever and you’re just stoked to be a part of it. Professionally, you can’t wait to make this one of the best week’s ever with your colleagues, the ones you spend 90% of your time with from March to October.

Everyone’s in a good mood and the sense of community at the club goes sky high. Everyone is proud of what they’ve achieved over the course of the year, knowing that after the final siren – no matter the outcome – it will all be over for another season.

The week goes a little something like this - you’re running on little sleep but you’re high on excitement. You can’t wait for Sunday night to come around yet you’re trying to soak up every moment that Grand Final week has to offer.  And your thumbs are blistered from going hell for leather on your club’s Twitter account while you’re eyes are turning square from churning out awesome content on your computer.

It really is like nothing else and I’m very lucky to have experienced an NRL Grand Final not once, but twice – both as part of a losing and a winning team – both some of the best days of my career.

From media day on the Monday to the fan day on the Thursday, it’s all systems go. You start your day in one place, then you’re taking players to another, they’re answering the same question for 10 different media crews. Still smiling regardless because they’re about to undertake an adventure like never before.

And before you know it, you’ve tripled the amount of fans you had from the week before. They are everywhere! It might be the locals flooding the streets with their jerseys on, the local bakery making themed goods or the newsagent hanging streamers and posters in their front window.  Again, everyone is in a good mood.

While I have no idea what is going through the players heads during the week, you can only try and understand the excitement and pressure that comes from being one of the last two teams standing.

From an administration point of view – you’re pumped. And when Sunday morning rolls around, you can’t  wait to hop out of bed, pop on your game day suit for the last time and sit there and support your team…plus tweet, Facebook, Instagram, video…

The joy that comes with a win is indescribable. The tears that come with a loss are heartbreaking. A lot of people might say it’s “just another game” but it isn’t.

Either way it’s one of the greatest moments of the NRL season and I look forward to it every year. Highlights will be made, heroes will be remembered and another team will go down in NRL history.

Good luck to both teams this Sunday, my heart will definitely be with Manly though!

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